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Since 1986, Crowd Pleasers has specialized in providing high quality choreography, in a private camp setting, at an affordable price, for some of the best dance teams in Texas! Because we know that each team and each director is very different, our program is designed so that we can adapt to any of your specific needs. Customize each day by choosing any combination of the following during your camp sessions:

  • Football Routines
  • Pep Rally Routines
  • Technique Classes
  • Polishing Sessions
  • Stand Routines
  • Field Entrance
  • Team Building Activities

All Private Camp ALL STAR award recipients are invited to participate in the Spirit of America Macy's Parade Production.

T Bar M

Add another dimension to your private camp program with a 2 1/2 day stay at T Bar M, a sports camp facility located in beautiful New Braunfels, Texas. Three of your Crowd Pleasers sessions will be taught in between fun yet purposeful team building activities designed specifically for Dance teams.

Hotel - *$220 / person (6 meal option)

Includes: lodging, food, team building activities.
*In addition to Crowd Pleasers 4 day private camp fees below.







2 days -
3 Teaching Sessions and a Review
$85 per
$80 per
$75 per
3 days -
5 Teaching Sessions and a Review
$110 per
* $105 per
* $100 per
4 days -
7 Teaching Sessions and a Review
$120 per
** $115 per
** $110 per

* Qualifies for Complimentary Contest Team Routine entry
** Qualifies for Complimentary Contest Team Routine(s) entry and Free Fall Technique Workshop(s)

CP Loyalty Discount:

  • $5 off per dancer for attending either a CP Contest or Officer Camp

  • $10 off per dancer for attending BOTH a CP Contest and Officer Camp

Turn Key Camp Pricing includes:

  • Warm Up Each Morning
  • Daily Team Building Activities
  • Football or Pep Rally Routines as indicated above
  • End of Session Ribbons
  • Daily Motivational Rewards
  • Final Awards Ceremony
  • All Staff Travel Expenses
2014 Pricing for T Bar M option:
T Bar M (see above)    
Hotel with 6 meals
Price in addition to 4 day private camp fees above.
Includes lodging, 6 meals and team building activities
2 1/2

Private Camps with Custom Choreography

Private Camp Premium Session Options:

Take your team to the next level!
Treat your team to an exciting and memorable Master Class taught by one of our spectacular Guest Instructors! This option replaces one of your private camp sessions (3 hours) with a Master Class focusing on the style of your choice (jazz, kick, lyrical etc.) for an additional $8 per student.

Get a head start!
Let us help you to get ahead by learning a Contest Routine at your summer camp! This option is taught by one of our Sr. Choreographers and replaces one of your private camp sessions (3.5 hours) for an additional $10 per student.

T bar M- Click here for more information on this option.

Crowd Pleasers Dance

event packets &
important forms to be completed

After registering for a private camp, you will need to turn in several forms and waivers including a Private Camp Instruction Form detailing your routines and other important information.

Choose the appropriate packet based on the age of your students:

Private Camp Sample Schedule Private Camp Sample Schedule
Middle School Private Camp Packet Elementary & Middle School Camp Packet
High School Private Camp Packet High School Private Camp Packet
Private Camp Details (Online Form) High School Camp Information Form

Please look in the forms section below for IMPORTANT forms that should be emailed to our office by May 7th.

Preview and Search the JW Pepper Music Marching Band Selections for your private camp here.


Sample Schedule

Click here to view our Sample Private Camp Schedule for the home portion of camp.

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why choose us!

For many years Crowd Pleasers has been the largest Private Camp Company in Texas! We work all year to create impressive and inspiring routines that require a minimum amount of time spent polishing. Our private camps offer flexibility. You can customize each session that our staff spends with your team to best meet your needs. You can choose the music and routines your team receives as well as create your camp schedule, adding polishing sessions or technique classes to assist you in achieving your performance goals for the year. Since 1993 we have also offered the unique option to hold a portion of your private at the picturesque T Bar M Camp in New Braunfels, Texas. This is great for those teams that traditionally go away to camp but prefer the personalized results of a completely private camp! With a Crowd Pleasers private camp you can be assured that our incredibly talented staff will deliver the very best in private instruction and each day will be filled with learning and fun!

Crowd Pleasers

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